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Ben: Employment

Ben, 36, has spent most of his life in specialist services. He attended a special school from the age of four, moved to an independent specialist college at 18 and then into residential care at 20. B... Read More

Case Study: Foxwood Academy

The Foxwood Academy case study outlines Foxwood Academy's approach to raising employment aspirations of disabled young people and the people who support them to increase the number of young ... Read More

Family Footings

Family Footings introduces parents and carers to the benefits of using Person Centred Planning which can help improve outcomes for children with special educational needs. Parents can contact Family ... Read More

Going well despite adversity…

PfA's Dr Carol Robinson says it's important to acknowledge the good work achieved by teams who are persevering under pressure. We have all seen the headlines about councils struggling to... Read More

Implementing the Care Bill

The theme in our online forum this week is  Implementing the Care Bill (links to the SEND reforms) . There are a number of themes across the Care Bill and the Special Educational Needs... Read More

Learning Example: Planning for Life

This learning example explores how five young people in Southwark came together to take part in a live planning session. The session was designed to support young people to complete a person cen... Read More

Nathan's sory

Eileen talks about her son Nathan's pathway from school to a supported traineeship at Manchester Town Hall. Nathan is 22 and lives at home with me and his younger brother, Jake. He is descri... Read More

Our Work

The Preparing for Adulthood programme provides expertise and support to local authorities and their partners to embed preparing for adulthood from the earliest years. The Preparing for Adulthood... Read More
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