Update: Supported Internships for 25-year-olds & DWP

Update: Supported Internships for 25-year-olds & DWP

There are learners who have been participating in Supported Internships who have been unable to secure or take part in a work placement due to COVID related issues.  A small number of these learners have already turned 25 or will do so this academic year and so they will not be eligible to return to their Supported Internship next academic year (2021-22).

To support these learners in particular, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is offering the support of their Jobcentre Plus network in attempting to find work placements for 25-year-olds who were/are unable to complete their Supported Internship due to COVID restrictions. This individualised support will be a useful resource for these learners, providing an opportunity to use the skills which they have been developing during their internship and helping in their transition to adult employment support services. 

If Supported Internship providers have learners who are in this position and are interested in taking up DWP’s offer of support, please contact Ian Turley from the SEND Workforce and Outcomes Unit (ian.turley@education.gov.uk) no later than 21 July, stating:

  • name of the education/training provider
  • the number of interested interns at your provider
  • a contact email address for your provider.

Released On 9th Jul 2021

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