SEND Leaders need to be brave

SEND Leaders need to be brave

Barry Jones talks about the importance of reflection for leaders delivering the SEND Reforms.

After being a participant on the first ever national SEND leadership programme 4 years ago, I’m proud to say that I’m now part of the NDTi team delivering SEND leadership programme to its 4th cohort of SEND Leaders. And, whilst some of the challenges, pressures and opportunities remain the same, it is clear to me that we need, now more than ever, effective, emotionally resilient and collaborative leaders.

The outcomes of children and young people with SEND nationally are not only well documented, they are woefully poor. Whilst there ARE many examples regionally where strong leadership is creating the conditions for change and improving outcomes, we urgently need more work to deliver the true intentions of the SEND reforms to enable children and young people to live ordinary lives and improve their outcomes as they prepare for adulthood.

From our work, it is clear that leaders are facing multiple challenges, significant financial pressures and overspends, recruitment and retention issues, competing agendas and partnership priorities. The list goes on!

However, despite that, we already know what works and what it takes to improve - It all comes down to leadership.

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Released On 16th Apr 2019

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