Insights from the Inclusion International 17th World Congress 2018

Insights from the Inclusion International 17th World Congress 2018

My lifelong passion for inclusive education is well known. Last year, David Towell from the Centre for Inclusive Futures asked me to ask if I’d join an international team of colleagues to run a workshop at Inclusion International's 18th Annual Conference to be held in Birmingham in June 2018.

Back in the 80s and 90s, in my role as Chair of the Education Committee in the London Borough of Newham, I led the inclusive education policy and transferred most of the resources from special schools to mainstream, enabling children previously excluded to attend their local neighbourhood schools with their brothers, sisters and friends. David had also worked extensively in Columbia and Romania and had met colleagues Monica and Madalina who were both campaigning for inclusive education. The thing that all three of us have in common is that we have children with Down’s syndrome who have shown us that inclusive education is the only way forward.

We wrote a pamphlet  - Families as Leaders in the Journey to Inclusive Schooling. The workshop went so well that we overran by an hour because there were so many questions and a brilliant discussion –fortunately, it was the last workshop of the day! Of the 62 workshops during the three days, 15 of them were specifically about inclusive education.

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Released On 11th Sep 2018

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