SEND Ignition gets off to a sparkling start

SEND Ignition gets off to a sparkling start

Louisa Joyce, talks about the SEND Ignition Preparing for Adulthood work in Cheshire East

Preparing for Adulthood outcomes are based on what disabled young people say is important to them (employment, independence, friends, good health). Ultimately, young people want to have full lives with choices about their future and control of their support. We planned and tested our person-centred approach to preparing for adulthood, to develop a good 16 – 25 year old offer at the same time. This led to Cheshire East holding our first SEND Ignition event on Friday 1st February at Macclesfield Football Club with seven young people and parents from Park Lane School aged between 13 – 16 years old.  Equipped with Sparkling tiara’s and crowns, NDTi’s Barry Jones and Jon Ralphs facilitated an action-packed day where young people spoke about what matters to them - their skills, abilities and what they want to do when they are older.  This ranged from helping others, working with dogs, becoming an actor, living with friends and working as at butler! 

As well as support from teachers and parents the young people also had key partners (Commissioning Managers, Childrens & Adult Social Care, Supported Employment, Health etc.) there to listen to their aspirations and think about what they will do to make these dreams a reality.

NDTI’s support to the first SEND Ignition has been a real help, which was summed up by one of the participants;

Katy James, Freddy’s mum said “It’s been very beneficial today. It’s made me think about the future…what Freddy wants…its been helpful to really put down on paper his thinking and make a plan.” 

Louisa Joyce is a Transition Coordinator for Children’s Services at Cheshire East Council. Cheshire East successfully bid for support from NDTi’s Preparing for Adulthood (PfA) programme, which provides expertise and support to local authorities and their partners to embed preparing for adulthood from the earliest years.

Released On 5th Mar 2019

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