Higher Education was a Dream of mine - Studying in the UK as a disabled student

Higher Education was a Dream of mine - Studying in the UK as a disabled student

Starting university is a time filled with excitement and buzz; but it can also be a challenge, and even more so if you are starting university with a disability.

In the UK the government encourages disabled people to go to university, and universities have a legal obligation to ensure disabled students will get excellent treatment throughout their studies. There much support and advice available to help students with this next step in life.

Caroline Mathiasen, has a hearing disability and has shared her journey with us.

“I would say that Higher education was a dream of mine. But, when the years went by and the time came to enter this stage of my life, things started to look challenging. However, my parents had taught me to follow my dreams regardless of everything. And that’s what I did. I didn’t let the fear or my hearing disability (which wasn’t there because of my fault) diminish my enthusiasm. From my personal experience I saw that UK universities have successfully identified their students’ needs and according to those needs have taken on board the use of the assistive hearing devices like Bluetooth streamers, FM audio systems, hearing loops, remote microphones etc. Studying experience in UK is about academic and personal growth and surely about joy, regardless of your physical disabilities but also a unique studying experience that will influence the rest of your life. From my experience studying in UK, I’ve learned that this misleading thought comes down to one thing: the lack of information.”

Caroline has written this article to help students like herself get the right information, follow this link to read more.

Released On 5th Dec 2018

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