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Friends, Relationships & Community

A book about me

A book about me

12th Dec 2016 at 10:58

The purpose of this booklet is for others to find out crucial information about a child or young person with high support needs in a short time-frame. It could be used by a new support worker at home, staff at a short-term break service, a learning assistant or teacher at school or a nurse if the person has had to be admitted into hospital. It also contains essential information should an emergency situation occur – whether it is a social care or medical emergency.

Tags: Employment, Education, Health & Care Planning, PfA Self Evaluation Tool, Friends, Relationships & Community, Good Health, Independent Living, Young People & Family Participation, Guide, Supported Internships

Disability Horizons

Disability Horizons

29th Aug 2016 at 18:45

A positive, interesting and useful disability-related magazine with articles and resources to help people with disabilities achieve whatever they wish. The magazine and website includes articles, resources and links about travel, work, art and culture, relationships and much more.

Tags: Friends, Relationships & Community, Guide

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