Post 16 - Audit Tool, Updated 2021

This post 16 audit tool (click under the image to download) is designed to support Local Authorities and Health partners in CCGs areas across education, health and care (children and adult’s) to evaluate how they are doing in preparing young people with SEND for their adult lives.  The tool has been divided into eight sections:

  1. Children's Social Care
  2. Adult Social Care
  3. Health
  4. Early Years
  5. Schools
  6. Post 16 Options
  7. Young People's Engagement 
  8. Family Engagement 

The Children and Families Act is a statutory framework that supports joint working across local areas to support the best possible outcomes for children and young people with SEND in a participative and person centred way.  Section 8 of the Code of Practice sets out how professionals across education (including early years, schools, colleges and 16-19 academies), health and social care should support children and young people with special educational needs (SEN) or disabilities to prepare for adult life to be as independent as they can be and help them go on to achieve the best outcomes in employment, independent living, health and community participation.

Fundamental to the Code is the expectation that Local Areas will work in partnership with children, young people and parent/carers, and we would expect the completion of this tool to involve all stakeholders including children, young people and parent carers, although there is a separate tool for evaluating participation in your Local Area.

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