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Wilf's story

Wilf's story

Wilf is 18 years old. He attends college three days a week and volunteers at Spitalfields City Farm once a week. 

Wilf and his family are talking about him continuing his education, getting a job and leaving home to share a flat with friends in the future. Much the same discussion is being had with his 17-year-old brother; except Wilf is autistic, has significant learning disabilities and severe communication problems so the discussion involves statutory services.

The first step was having a Person Centred Planning Meeting with most of the involved parties and turning vague plans into specific goals. Wilf enjoyed the meeting and was engaged for longer than usual because he enjoyed hearing positive things about himself and he understood the basic plan about mapping out his life. Next a comprehensive Support Plan was written. This details Wilf's support needs, his likes and dislikes, and how he is assisted to make decisions and his aspirations for the future. It has doubled up as a useful reference tool for carers when considering how to best guide Wilf's behaviour.

Wilf now has a personal budget for his social care needs and is building up a trusted team of helpers to support him to go out without his mother, and to stay at home without his parents for increasing amounts of time. The aim is that this team will support Wilf to go away for weekends in the near future and to live in the community when he leaves home. Wilf is supported when he travels by train to the farm and cares for the animals. He now talks about himself being a farmer.

Wilf's volunteer work is being well-received by the colleges that are being approached about animal care courses for next September. A job coach will start working with Wilf soon and a work profile is being created. Housing options are being considered and a housing need profile is being made. Wilf's friend's families are being approached about possible house sharing and arranging joint social activities.

Wilf is positive about being a young man, working on a farm and leaving home in the future.

His previous plan was to be retired!


Watch a video of Wilf's mum, Ingrid, talking about planning Wilf's future.

Watch a video of Wilf volunteering at Spitalfields City Farm.

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