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Terry's story

Terry's story

Terry is in his early 20s. He had been to college and had a couple of work placements which didn't lead to anything. Living at home, with his mother as his carer, he got very depressed and felt his life wasn't going anywhere.

An advocate from an employment support service worked with him and helped him develop his confidence, do some work experience and get a job. She also helped him apply for housing and support from his local council and for Access to Work funding once he was offered a job. Now he has a home of his own, a job and - as he puts it - 'a life'. And, as he also says, 'My mum also has a life of her own'.

All this was made possible by having a budget which included resources from a combination of housing-related support (which enables him to maintain his tenancy), minor adaptations (like an alarm which makes him feel safe) and a budget (made up of adult social care and Access to Work funding) which enables him to use a brokerage service to employ his own personal assistants (PAs) who help him at home and at work.


The above text is reproduced from the 'Good practice guidance for delivering the Right To Control', published by the Office for Disability Issues, June 2010.

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