My Own Place report

The 'My Own Place' report provides practical tools and advice to help disabled young people and their families have good information and be supported to plan so that they have equal access to housing opportunities. This report is part of the three year Department of Health funded project on Housing and Social Inclusion.

Based on the real experiences of young people and their families, the report provides a 'Housing Pathway' to be followed as young people plan for their adulthood. The Pathway also sets out the most important issues that need to be tackled strategically in a local area, so that commissioning can ensure high quality information and support for young disabled people.

The report sets out some recommendations for a successful transition planning such as:

  • to begin planning for housing in school year 9 at the first transition review meeting;
  • to make sure that school curriculum supports young people to think about housing;
  • it is important that young people and their families have the information they need to move on the next stage during the final year of compulsory schooling;
  • young disabled people and their families need to know how to apply to be on the local housing register.

Tags: Independent Living, Young People & Family Participation, Best Practice

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