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Through the reforms we have developed a clearer understanding of what the evidence is that supports young people into employment. Vocational profiles are a useful and successful way of finding out what kind of job a young person may be interested in. This can inform the range of work experience that a young person does. A job coach is a professional who supports someone to get a job, learn how to do the job and continue to provide just enough support until the young person no longer needs it, or until natural support can be provided within the work environment. There should be clear, evidence-based employment pathways with opportunities for volunteering, supported internships, traineeships and apprenticeships and good careers advice and guidance to help young people with their decision-making.

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Insights 26 Employment

Insights 26 Employment

18th Jul 2017 at 14:33

Insights document from NDTi looking at Preparing for Adulthood and the Send reforms and the theme of Employment. This document is for all professionals involved in implementing the SEND reforms, especially those involved in preparing young people with SEND for a good adult life.

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Learning Example: Growing the learning from Project SEARCH

Learning Example: Growing the learning from Project SEARCH

15th Jun 2017 at 15:27

Project SEARCH first started in 2009 in a partnership between Fosseway School and the Royal United Hospital (RUH), Bath with external supported employment agencies. A second site started in the county a year later with Bath College as the education provider.

There are now 32 young people working at the RUH, and there is a follow-along job coach who is based at the hospital. The retention rate over five years is 87%

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Supported Employment National Occupational Standards

Supported Employment National Occupational Standards

17th May 2017 at 16:39

This standard is about enabling those people who have disabilities
and/or disadvantages to raise their aspirations and to make informed
decisions about employment. It also identifies how the supported
employment practitioner works with families, communities and other
partners to address their concerns and to enable prospective job seekers
to raise their aspirations for work.
In the context of this standard the term "job seeker" applies to an
individual seeking some form of supported employment.

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