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Through the reforms we have developed a clearer understanding of what the evidence is that supports young people into employment. Vocational profiles are a useful and successful way of finding out what kind of job a young person may be interested in. This can inform the range of work experience that a young person does. A job coach is a professional who supports someone to get a job, learn how to do the job and continue to provide just enough support until the young person no longer needs it, or until natural support can be provided within the work environment. There should be clear, evidence-based employment pathways with opportunities for volunteering, supported internships, traineeships and apprenticeships and good careers advice and guidance to help young people with their decision-making.

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How-to Guide: learning from the Valuing People Now employment demonstration sites

How-to Guide: learning from the Valuing People Now employment demonstration sites

14th Mar 2011 at 16:29

Best practice guidance that sets out learning and case studies from the Getting a Life, Jobs First and other Valuing People Now Employment demonstration projects. It gives practical information and examples of how to improve employment opportunities for people with learning disabilities at a local level.
Job Coaching or Supported Employment

Job Coaching or Supported Employment

31st Mar 2010 at 15:50

In Valuing Employment Now, the Government committed to publish standards for job coaching to drive improvements in supported employment provision, to ensure that more people with learning disabilities, especially people with moderate to severe learning disabilities, get and keep jobs. This paper discusses what makes good supported employment. The document looks at the definition, guiding principles and stages of supported employment.

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