Working Towards a Better Life, 09 March 2022

Working Towards a Better Life, 09 March 2022

On 09 March 2022, the PfA team delivered an online employment conference.

Organisers & Contributors 

  • Carol Robinson & Ellen Atkinson, Preparing for Adulthood
  • Rachael Leah, Department for Education 
  • Toni-Marie Leaf, Hampshire County Council
  • Gareth Ivett & Carol Wilson-Frizzell, Creating Tomorrow College
  • Sophie Evitts, Brackenfield School
  • Jonathan Smith & Suzanne Davies, Essex County Council


Unfortunately, the recording didn't pick up the beginning of the event, so it starts at the Q&A section which followed the Supported Internship policy update.  Chapters for the different presentations are marked in the video. 

Presentation Slides & Additional Resources

Presentation Slides:

Useful Links:


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