Supporting Self Employment & Innovation, 25 Mar 2021

Supporting Self Employment & Innovation, 25 Mar 2021

On 25 March 2021, the PfA team deliver two sessions about supporting young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) into employment.  

Please note that the videos below are from a live event, so the sound/picture quality varies and the recordings have not been heavily edited. 

Supporting Self Employment - this session explored the ways in which self employment and small business ownership can be used to create employment opportunities for people with learning difficulties.

Supporting Innovation: Organisational Adaptation & Influence - in this session, there were presentations from two organisations that have offered routes into employment and how by doing so, there have been far reaching impacts elsewhere for other departments. 

  • Sophie Robins | DPD Group UK
  • Nikki Chowdry & Katherine Davies | Department for Education
  • One of the videos is out of sync in the recording, it can be viewed here instead: Supported Internship in DfE.

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