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South West Employment Conference

South West Employment Conference

Resources and Slides from our South West Employment Conference on Monday 02 March 2020. 


Conference Booklet (South West) - for information about the day and the speakers / workshop leaders

Welcome & Introduction and When I Grow Up... video- Ellen Atkinson (Associate, NDTi / Regional Lead for East of England & East Midlands, PfA) & Carol Robinson Associate, NDTi / Regional Lead for South West & West Midlands, PfA)

Department for Education and the CooperGibson Research report - Katharine Davies (Team Leader, Post-16 and Preparation for Adulthood, SEND Division)

A Personal Journey into Employment - Aaron & Nina Pierson (Deputy Manager of Work and Learning, Eat that Frog

Improving Employment Outcomes - Paul Gaunt (Employment Support Manager, Bristol City Council)

Universal Credit and the Role of DWP - Lee Tozer (Partnership Manager, Department for Work and Pensions)

The Role of Job Coaches - Kathy Melling (Associate, NDTi)

The Role of Schools & CollegesEmployAbility video, 3 Cafe Kitchen video, Diversish video, Equality vs. Equity link, and Opening Doors magazine link (a guide for employers in Bath & North East Somerset) - Lucy Beattie (Fundraising, Marketing and Development Manager, Three Ways School)

Increasing and Improving Employment Support for Young People - Nick Bailey (Supported Internship Coordinator for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, Cornwall Council)

An Employer’s Perspective on Employment for Young People with SEND - Iain Wylie (Group Head of Property, Andrew Brownsword Hotels)


Thank you to our speakers and facilitators!


If you have any questions, please get in touch:

info@preparingforadulthood.org.uk / 01225 789 135

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