Let's Be Clear (So Employers Know What You Are Asking For)

This brief document seeks to add some clarity about what we mean when we are approaching employers for work opportunities for young people with special educational needs or a disability (SEND).

Good employer engagement involves understanding an employer’s business needs, the working environment and how the young person(s) can add value to the business. It all depends on developing partnerships where all are equal, trustworthy partners. However, there is a risk that employers will be approached by several education or employment support providers who appear to be asking for the same things, but who use different language in their request or where they use the same language but want something different. This paper proposes certain definitions to help those involved in employment support become more consistent in the ways they ask for work opportunities. We welcome the views of others about our proposed definitions so that we can refine our wording, if needed. 

Tags: Employment, Guide

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