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Coventry Employment Conference, 27 Nov 2019

Resources and Slides from our Coventry Employment Conference on Wednesday 27 November 2019.


Conference Booklet (Coventry) – for information about the day and the speakers / workshop leaders

History of DBOT and PfA, evidence for developing employment opportunities and what we know works – session by Ellen Atkinson (Associate, NDTi / Regional Lead for East of England & East Midlands, PfA) & Carol Robinson Associate, NDTi / Regional Lead for South West & West Midlands, PfA)

A Personal Journey into Employment – pictures of our speakers, Martin Adamson & Dave Langford (ISS Porters)

Improving Employment Outcomes – City of Wolverhampton Council: Tom Denham (Head of Adult Provision) & Michelle Spruce (Research Manager)

Understanding Access to Work and the SIP Form - workshop led by Avril Mendel (Associate, NDTi)

The Role of Job Coaches - workshop led by Ellen Atkinson (Associate, NDTi / Regional Lead for East of England & East Midlands, PfA) 

Commissioning Effective Employment Support - workshop led by Mark McGillicuddy (Director, MORETHAN7 Social Enterprise) on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council

The Role of Schools and Colleges - workshop led by David Lisowski (Head Teacher, Riverbank Academy)

An Employer's Perspective on Employment for Young People with SEND and Changing Futures Together Supported Internship video - session by Mark Shepstone (HR & Finance Manager, Healthcare for ISS)


Thank you to our speakers and workshop leaders!


If you have any questions, please get in touch:

info@preparingforadulthood.org.uk / 01225 789 135



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