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The Department for Education have developed an outcomes tool that is designed to support the development of PfA outcomes in EHC plans across the age range. It explores the key indicators for preparing for adulthood at different ages and stages of development.

Things to remember when using the tool:

  • The outcomes will need to be personalised and focused on the young person's aspirations, supporting as independent a life as possible
  • Children develop at different rates. For some young people, indicators included in early childhood may continue to be outcomes they are progressing toward as they get older. Therefore it is important that each new age/stage continues to develop and build on the previous ones
  • At review meetings, the tool can be used to support development of imaginative yet achievable ways to support progress under each outcome
  • This tool should be used as part of a personalised approach and can therefore be used as a starting point to develop EHC plans across a wide range of need. If you are supporting a young person with a life-limiting condition, this tool can be used to focus on progress in a sensitive and personalised way
  • Use creative approaches to embed activities in the curriculum and in everyday activities outside of the classroom
  • Raise aspirations and expectations and encourage thinking from an early age about what the future might look like for children
  • Promote a focus on outcomes that are transferable to the real world
  • Local authorities should make sure they focus on the PfA outcomes in EHC plan reviews and make sure related information is covered in the Local Offer

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