Past Programmes

The Children and Families Act 2014 created a number of specific duties in relation to preparing young people for adulthood.

These duties include a focus on PfA outcomes that lead to fulfilling adult lives from as early as possible, but especially from year 9 onwards. The PfA outcomes are based on paid employment and higher education; independent living opportunities; good health; and friends, relationships and being part of the community. Education, Health and Care plans have the potential to continue to age 25 and involve a number of decision-making rights and responsibilities for young people from 16 onwards.

The Preparing for Adulthood programme is building on the learning from past and current programmes and initiatives. These include: 

Transition Support Programme

Worked to improve and co-ordinate services for disabled young people in transition to adult life.

Getting a Life

A cross-government programme that showed what needs to happen so young people with learning disabilities get paid jobs and full lives when they leave school.

Valuing Employment Now

A government programme that showed what needs to happen to increase the number of people with learning disabilities in employment.

Aspirations for Life

A campaign that worked on raising aspirations and expectations from birth for people with learning disabilities, with a particular focus on employment. Part of the campaign was to help younger children think about what they wanted to be when they grew up.

Learning for Living and Work

Aimed to help individuals achieve their full potential in life through learning and work.

Project SEARCH

A supported internship model which helps disabled people secure and keep paid permanent jobs and informed the development of supported internships.

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