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Giving Everyone Equal Life chances
as they move into Adulthood

Funded by Department for Education (DfE), we provide expertise and support to local authorities and their partners to embed preparing for adulthood from the earliest years. We work to ensure that young people with SEND achieve paid employment, independent living, housing options, good health, friendships, relationships and community inclusion.

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Blog: I’m dreaming of an anxiety free Christmas

Blog: I’m dreaming of an anxiety free Christmas

15th Dec 2017 at 10:28

A festive tale of letting go of Christmas conventions. by Drew Llewellyn. Over the years “how can we avoid extra stress at Christmas?” has been a frequent topic amongst the various parenting groups and forums I’ve belonged to for parents of children with SEND.

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  • Setting up a local supported internship forum and training job coaches

    In November 2017, the Government announced £9.7m for local authorities to increase the number of supported internships and other pathways to employment for young people with SEND (special educational needs and disabilities), by establishing local supported internship forums and training additional job coaches. This document provides more information about setting up a local supported internship forum and the benefits of doing so for young people with SEND, and includes a case study of an existing forum in Leeds. It also provides information about job coach training, and a list of useful contacts.
  • Routes Into Work Guide

    This guide provides information about options for young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) to help them move into paid employment.