Case Studies

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We have published six case studies.

Bobby Williams

The Bobby Williams story is about a young man called Bobby who is doing an Apprenticeship with a supported employment service after returning home to his local area after going to college at an Independent Specialist Provider where he got an NVQ in Business and Administration.

 Bromley College

The Bromley College case study looks at the development of a new, personalised approach for Bromley College.

Foxwood Academy 

The Foxwood Academy case study outlines Foxwood Academy's approach to raising employment aspirations of disabled young people and the people who support them to increase the number of young people getting paid jobs when they leave education. Their approach includes ensuring that person-centred transition planning has a focus on employment; a vocational curriculum is available for all young people and supported employment works with young people whilst still at school.

 Individual Budgets

The Individual Budgets case study illustrates how an individual budget, with multi agency funding, can lead to fuller life outcomes. Individual budgets and personalisation are one of the central elements of the SEN reforms. It also shows how a personalised approach, developed with the individual and their family, can lead to the best outcomes for all.

Leicester College

The Leicester College case study examines Leicester College's person-centred approach to meeting the needs of learners with profound and multiple learning difficulties.

EmployAbility - Let's work together 

EmployAbility - Let's work together case study looks at the 'Employability let's work together scheme' lead by National Grid, whereby students of Round Oak School were able to gain valuable work experience as part of the programme.